Proprietary Web Based Reporting - ATMFLA

Proprietary Web Based Report

  • Data Export Capabilities
  • Revenue Tracking
  • Access Controlled User Levels
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Password Protected

ATMs are an excellent and often overlooked source of advertising and cross selling. By utilizing functions such as, Digital On Screen Advertising, Receipt Couponing, our Customers can easily promote events or specials thereby potentially increasing their revenue.

Digital On Screen Advertising and Receipts - ATMFLA
  • ATM Branding
  • Customized Screen Content
  • Logo & Banner Placement
  • Welcome Screen Customization
  • Transaction Ad

ATMFLA can provide custom cabinetry and design to fit the surrounding decor.

Dynamic Currency Conversion - ATMFLA

Help your customers:

  • Eliminate surprises associated with unknown conversion rates and fees
  • Simplify expense reporting for business travelers
  • Choose to pay in a more familiar currency

DCC Benefits to International Customers:

  • No surprises! Customers see the exact amount of their purchase/ATM withdrawal in their home currency at time-of sale and on their statement.
  • Leisure travelers enjoy the certainty of knowing the final cost in the currency they understand best – their own.
  • Business travelers appreciate the convenience of accurate expense accounting
All our ATMs come equipped with the following Cardless Cash Options: